3D print everyday things 10 times faster and as tough as conventionally manufactured items

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Diamond performance for 3D printing

What if your printing could be strong, tough, fast and easy to use without changing your machine?

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Takes the toughness, impact wear resistance to next level. Twice as strong as current PLA.

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10x faster

Print faster and improve the quality at the same time. Printing at up to 1000mm/second.

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Easy and efficient

For normal home or industrial printers.


PLA + uDiamond ®

Nanodiamond enhanced 3D filament

26,00  ex VAT

Multipurpose, high quality prints await

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Get up to speed with latest developments

Something’s always new in the world of nanodiamond and nanodiamond enhanced materials.

01 Jun 2018

Carbodeon Expands Production Capacity

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01 Jun 2018

Carbodeon materials gain EPA Approval in USA

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