CVD seeding

Seeding materials for enhancing CVD diamond growth.

Chemical Vapor deposition (CVD) seeding is a rapidly growing application for nanodiamonds.  Carbodeon uDiamond® liquid dispersion is applied to the substrate as a thin layer, for example by spin coating, and then the water or solvent is evaporated.  The aim is to achieve a very fine coating of nanodiamond particles on the substrate surface, ideally only a single particle in depth (4-6nm). These nanodiamonds will seed the growth of thin films including diamond thin films.  Our materials significantly outperform other forms of diamond seeding materials including powders or dispersions from our competitors.

Carbodeon co-development model

Carbodeon is able to provide uDiamond® liquid dispersions suitable for various substrates/ CVD processes.  Please contact us regarding your application.

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PLA + uDiamond ®

Nanodiamond enhanced 3D filament

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CVD seeding

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