Industrial Applications

uDiamond® - Carbodeon’s portfolio of nanodiamond materials

uDiamond® materials bring diamond performance to industrial applications. Diamond possesses extreme material properties including hardness and thermal conductivity. It is also electrically non-conductive and virtually transparent when incorporated in other materials. Our nanodiamond materials have specific surface functionalization and dispersion properties for use as a modifier in countless other materials.

Selecting the correct uDiamond® material(s) will depend on your application, and we always recommend contacting us to discuss your requirements.

Metal plating

Diamonds dramatically enhance durability and tribology in a range of metal plated finishes including environmentally friendly alternatives to hard chr...

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Thermally conductive thermoplastics

Excess heat is the enemy for electronical devices, LED´s and batteries. uDiamond® filler material enables the highest performing thermally conductive ...

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CVD seeding

Chemical Vapor deposition (CVD) seeding is a rapidly growing application for nanodiamonds.  Carbodeon uDiamond® liquid dispersion is applied to the su...

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Wear resistant, low friction coatings

Many industrial and consumer applications benefit from having a protective coating with low friction and dirt repellent features, while still maintain...

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Silicones & epoxides

uDiamonds added to silicone and epoxide materials create polymer composites with significantly improved properties.  The changes are due in part to th...

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High strength / harsh environment thermoplastics

uDiamond® nanodiamond is added to popular thermoplastics including PLA, PC, PA, PAI, PEEK, PTFE in order to enhance the performance. The popular Carbo...

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