Thermally conductive thermoplastics

Diamonds and diamond-filler mixtures for high performance thermally conductive thermoplastics.

Excess heat is the enemy for electronical devices, LED´s and batteries. uDiamond® filler material enables the highest performing thermally conductive thermoplastics in electronic & LED applications.

By adding a small amount of uDiamond®, thermal conductivity increases of 100% can be achieved without compromising electrical or mechanical properties.  Typical diamond concentration is below 1%, with additions as low as 0.03% in cost sensitive applications.

The performance improvement is driven by the high thermal conductivity of the diamond material at >2000W/mK, the small particle size and the active surface chemistry, resulting in seamless thermal conductivity between polymer, diamond material and other fillers.

Carbodeon is working extensively in thermoplastic compounds, but silicones and epoxides are also applicable materials for nanodiamond composites.

In published tests, Carbodeon has achieve the following:

  • Substitution of 0.03wt% uDiamond®* into a PA66-15% BN material: Increased Tc 25%
  • Substitution of 0.10wt% uDiamond®* into a PA66-15% BN material: Increased Tc 25-100%
  • Substitution of 1.50wt% uDiamond®* into a PA66-15% BN material: Increased Tc 130%


Carbodeon co-development model

Most of the Carbodeon customer applications are tailored and solution specific. We work closely with our customers in order to ensure the product can achieve the targeted improvements.

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PLA + uDiamond ®

Nanodiamond enhanced 3D filament

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Thermally conductive thermoplastics

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