Carbodeon materials gain EPA Approval in USA

Nashua, NH, USA/Helsinki, Finland; 27 November 2017: Carbodeon - Silicon Sense first to achieve EPA approval to import detonation nanodiamonds to US

Silicon Sense, the US representative of Finnish nanodiamond manufacturer Carbodeon Ltd Oy, has become the first US-based importer of detonation nanodiamond materials to be granted registration by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to import nanodiamonds into the US for industrial purposes.

The registrations, under the Low Volume Exemption (LVE) rule, cover four main Carbodeon product ranges including three mono-functionalized nanodiamond grades and one multi-functionalized grade.

“Following precise environmental risk analysis using data from Carbodeon as well as invaluable inputs from a number of our US customers, the EPA has granted LVE registration for all Carbodeon proprietary nanodiamond materials currently supplied in the USA,” said Mr James Meriano, Vice-President of Silicon Sense.

“Customer safety and environmental issues are always among our top priorities. This EPA approval will further strengthen our already strong position in the US market place and beyond,” said Dr Vesa Myllymäki, CEO of Carbodeon.

“The four approved types of nanodiamond product are used in enhancing thermal, mechanical and other properties in polymers, coatings and metal finishing across multiple industries including electronics, automotive, aerospace and defence, industrial and consumer”.


About EPA’s New Chemicals Review Program

EPA’s New Chemicals Program is designed to minimize potential risks to human health and the environment from new substances sold on the market. Anyone who plans to manufacture or import a new substance for commercial purposes is required, under section 5 of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), to provide the EPA with advance notice before beginning the activity. However, certain categories of new low-volume substances are exempt from full Pre-Manufacture notice (PMN) review under section 5 of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), i.e., substances manufactured at 10,000 kg/year or less.

 About Silicon Sense

Silicon Sense supplies high quality materials and custom foundry services for the North American market place. Silicon Sense only partners with top-level companies that have innovative technologies, quality manufacturing processes, and a solid business foundation. Silicon Sense has represented Carbodeon since 2008.

About Carbodeon

Carbodeon Ltd Oy develops, manufactures and supplies nanodiamond additives for metal finishing, polymer thermal and mechanical compounds, polymer coatings, CMP polishing and a range of other applications. Our four different nanodiamond product families are sold under the name uDiamond®. Carbodeon holds patents both on the materials and their key applications. The company has received major funding from Tekes, European Union and Finnvera.

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