Carbodeon uDiamond® 3D Printing Service in Germany

Carbodeon uDiamond® 3D Printing Service in Germany

We are pleased to announce that prints made using Carbodeon’s uDiamond® Nanodiamond enhanced material are now available from 3D printing service provider

In their words:

NEU: Druck mit Carbodeon PLA+ uDiamond
Als erster Dienstleister in Deutschland bieten wir 3D-Druck mit dem uDiamond Filament von Carbodeon. Dieses besitzt einen Nanodiamantanteil und liefert somit ultrastarke, sehr steife und lang haltbare Bauteile.

<We are the first service provider in Germany to offer 3D printing with the uDiamond filament from Carbodeon. This has a nanodiamond content and thus delivers ultra-strong, very rigid and long-lasting components.>

Please contact them via their website for any inquiry!

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